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First of all, I have to admit that when Tavi started appearing in so many magazines, attending to every other fashion show in the first row and being photographed on those kind of weird looks at fashion weeks around the world, I thought she was kinda freak and that it was probably one more little trend that would pass rapidly. About four years later, it became clear that it was not the case, but it is also true that she has diversified her range of subjects and so I came to like her a lot. The coolest thing is that the change has to do with her own ​​personal evolution and diversification of interests, not happened to meet market pressures and to keep herself in the media. I get the impression that she is very honest when she says that once she got to know the world of fashion better, she became tired and wanted to write about other things.
 Her website Style Rookie got to its firts anniversary and, once again, she proved to be a very interesting precocious teenager wanting to talk about issues that pertain to the real life of a 16-year-old girl, before everyone realized how fashion blogs were so last season. To celebrate the anniversary, she launched the 'Rookie Yearbook One'.Yearbook is a typical american book edited as a reminder of a high school or college class, with facts, photos of students, etc. The version of Tavi is a magazine aimed at teenagers and their problems, but that goes beyond Teen Vogues when it goes talking about topics ranging from masturbation to the cuteness of the deep sea creatures.

As well described by Refinery 29, "In a world of Photoshop, glossy pages, and scripted interviews, this matte, lo-fi book is more than refreshing. It's what we always wanted, and now we can, finally, hold it in our hands." For those who are curious to know more about how she thinks the interview that her publisher did for Bust Magazine is a must read. I transcribed parts that I like (and with which I totally agree) to make you click the link and read it too.
"I'm a 42-year-old woman, and I work for a 16-year-old girl. This seems normal to me, as my philosophy on bosses has always been that I won’t work for someone who isn’t smarter than me, and Tavi Gevinson definitely fits my criteria."
"I know this sounds super braggy (because it is), but Rookie is a really special thing. It’s a feminist website for teenagers, but it never condescends to them (about half our staff are teenage girls themselves). We cover serious stuff like sexual assault, eating disorders, street harassment, and mental health, but we also do fashion stories and entire features about stickers and glitter."
"The fashion industry seems to love youth when youth is silent." 
 Anaheed Alani,  Style Rookie´s editor


"I think I was confusing to people, because it wasn’t like I was a child actor or whatever. There hasn’t been a well-worn trajectory for me to follow. I’ve never been able to be like, “Oh, I can’t make this move because when this other 12-year-old fashion blogger did that, this happened."
"Fashion can be used to assert your individuality and your control and power over how you perceive yourself and present yourself, and it can be a form of expression."
"If you don’t want to think about what you look like at all, I also think that’s great! But caring about how you look and caring about how you look to other people are different."
"Then I read Marisa Meltzer’s book Girl Power, and then [my friend] Laia gave me a book called Feminism and Pop Culture, which was intellectually stimulating because the same way that I was interested in how fashion could be reflective of society, I thought that the relationship between pop culture and feminism was interesting, too."

 "Mostly, I just want girls to know that they’re already cool and smart. Also, I was so used to reading feminist blogs and feeling like they were very much for women who already knew they were feminists. I was thinking, Well, how do you get to that point?"
Tavi Gevinson, Style Rookie´s founder
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