terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2012


"Think outside the box" is the mantra of the advertising / creative universe, and although it is a cliché, it can be applied to our lives and our style. In the post where I proposed myself a challenge I talked about seeing clothes in new ways and trying new forms of use. I didn´t illustrate it, so I decided to redeem myself and I will show some examples of pieces in unusual ways of wearing them. Inspiration is always good! 


On the left, an open-neck shirt turns into a skirt with the help of a belt. The sleeves form an interesting volume. You can also cut a shirt that you no longer use. 
On the right, a t-shirt dress is worn over a chemise. It is charming and can be a good idea to wear that too-short –for-work printed dress more often. All you have to do is layer it on top of a longer one. 

Wear the shirt open over the dress, and a belt it up. It gets a fresher look and the extra layer can protect better when it´s kind of cold. 
With it tied in a knot, the dress becomes a skirt. Make sure the color combination is a good one. 

It is a very easy and good variation for revealing necklines and have the front completely closed. Good to remember that people see us from behind. 
The little buttons, usually so dull, turn into a special detail. Change the perspective and everything changes. 

These are my favorite. The sweatshirt or sweater has the very trendy sporty touch and a different volume that we usually don´t have in our closet. 
The sleeves form a tie that makes it even more interesting. 

So? There's no rocket science, what do you think? We can put it into practice tomorrow!

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